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Репетитор английского языка. Секреты правильных ответов на тесты

Репетитор английского языка. Учитель английского языка в Москве

Уроки английского языка.

Active English.

Репетитор английского языка.

Секреты правильных ответов на тесты.

В центре - правильный ответ.

Это - главный мой Секрет.

Полезные ссылки на сайты лучших Репетиторов английского языка.

Учитель английского языка в Москве -
sites.google.com/site/physicslessons3452061/repetitor-anglijskogo---professionalnyj-prepodavatel -
Репетитор английского языка в Москве. Репетитор английского языка на дому.
Британские учёные установили, что индивидуальные занятия с репетитором по английскому языку являются наиболее эффективной формой изучения английского языка! Репетитор английского языка в Москве - clear-english.narod.ru - Репетитор по английскому языку предлагает частные индивидуальные занятия английским языком - repetitor-an.narod.ru

Материалы по деловому английскому языку для самостоятельной подготовке к уроку с репетитором:

Briefing notes: VI investors

Before the meeting

1 Study the proposals that the entrepreneurs have chosen and discuss which appeal to you most. Consider which are the most risky and which have the greatest potential profits.
2 Prepare questions which you wish to ask each person/company.
During the meeting

1 Listen to the presentation of each person/company.
Ask questions to help you decide which projects to invest in.
2 Discuss the projects. Decide which to invest in, and how much money you will give to each.
Remember: You have a maximum limit of £5.5 million to invest, but can invest less.

Briefing notes: Entrepreneurs

Before the meeting
Choose one of the proposals or present your own idea far a product or service.
1 Prepare a presentation of your product/service.
Use the Key Points as a guide far structuring the presentation.
2 Your aim will be to persuade VI to give you the money you need.
Try to predict what questions they will ask you.

During the meeting
1 Give your presentation and answer the VI team's questions.
2 While waiting to hear VIs decision concerning your request for finance, discuss these questions:
a) Was your presentation effective? b) Do you think you will be successful?
c) How well did you answer their questions? d) What problems did you have, if any ?
Key points for product presentations

1 The Business
A description of the business
- What does it do? Who is it for?
Brief details about the team (age, education, experience, etc.).
2 The Product or Service
A brief description - including artwork, if possible.
What are the advantages of the product or service?
What need does it fill?
What are its unique features?
3 Marketing
Who are the existing or target customers?
Who are the competitors or possible future competitors?
What are the competing products, if any?
What about pricing policy?
How will the product or service be launched and promoted?
What are the selling and distribution methods?
4 Finance How much finance is required and for what purposes?